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Go take a stroll through some of the silver forums on reddit and you'll see people are buying 6 figures worth regularly right now. The allocated and unallocated silver in the LBMA and COMEX in total is roughly 1.5 billion ounces, which is a far cry from the 33.6 billion that Goldman is referring to The Hunt brothers short squeeze of silver in the 1970s would absolutely pale in comparison to what can happen to silver today. . The best part is there is really very little downside with SLV at $23. The upside is silver being priced higher than gold. There is far less above ground silver than gold First Majestic Silver explodiert - die Reddit-Karavane zieht es zu Silber(aktien) Short-Squeeze-Welle schwappt auf die Edelmetalle über Der Wahnsinn geht in die nächste Runde. Es kommt einem ein bisschen vor wie ein Preistsunami. Nachdem zuvor eher Pennystock-Aktien oder Stories gehyped wurden, schwappt die Euphoriewelle nun in den Edelmetallsektor. Einen stark steigenden Preis erzielt man aber dabei immer noch besser mit einer Einzelaktie als mit physischem Silber Wallstreetbets. 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · just now. Only Wallstreet silver. 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) More posts from the SilverSqueeze community. 120. Posted by 5 days ago. Just arrived 40 silver Britannias. Gain. 120. 14 comments. share. save. hide. report. 107. Posted by 3 days ago. I'm Squeezing Grams! Due Diligence . 107. 7 comments. Im mittlerweile berühmt-berüchtigten Reddit-Forum Wallstreetbets fanden sich in den vergangenen Tagen verschiedene Postings zum Silbermarkt, in denen es etwa hieß, dass der Markt für Silber der am..

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Silver futures surged as much as 13% to Monday, touching eight-year highs. That follows a 6% rally last week when some posts on the WallStreetBets group on Reddit called for betting on silver as a.. Reddit/WALLSTREETBETS triggers run on silver, investors buy 28.3% of last year's ETF total in 1 dayIn the first day since the Reddit WALLSTREETBETS group sta..

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Reddit WallStreetBets Gamestop and Silver | What is A Short Squeeze - YouTube WallStreetBets and the Reddit community caused a short squeeze on GameStop GME and AMC stock in 2021. Is Silver SLV the next short squeeze? How can you short.. This is the official Youtube channel for SDBullion.com We offer the lowest priced physical Gold, Platinum, & Silver bullion in the USA. Subscribe to our channel for new precious metals and bullion.

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Wallstreetbets, the infamous Reddit group is now calling for Short Squeezing the silver Bullion market, what many consider to be the most shorted asset in the trading market. The group moderators have now changed their access to private mode. Silver is currently heavily shorted and a majority of those short positions are bought by JP Morgan Now silver has become the latest example of the influence wielded by followers of WallStreetBets targeting what boosters of the Reddit forum call inequality in the global financial system

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I have read the wallstreetbets reddit, and it seems the consensus is that the Silver story is being pushed by bots, and some big investors pushing the Silver narrative mostly through news stories. Last week, WallStreetBets users targeted the iShares Silver Trust ETF, and CNN reports that some of them suggested that they could hurt big banks, accusing them of artificially suppressing prices. Some Reddit users noted that JPMorgan paid $920 million to settle charges of manipulating futures trades tied to precious metals like silver and Treasuries Silver prices (and the price of SLV) popped by about 10% on the news that the WallStreetBets crowd was going to go after it, but the rally was short-lived. The share price was back down to where.

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This past week, another social media trend started on the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets, which aims to initiate a large silver short squeeze in order to push the price of the precious metal to. To say Reddit forum WallStreetBets accumulated infamy and notoriety and more in the span of a few days is an understatement. Just ask market participants holdings short positions in AMC. Reddit Takes on Silver. Anyways, the Reddit community has started talking about silver. The question on everyone's mind: can they drive the silver price up 10X (as they drove the GME price)? There's little question they drove it up on Thursday. The price moved up about $1.75 in about an hour. The price subsided but then perked back up later in the day. Here is a graph of the silver price. Reddit-Trader nehmen den Silbermarkt ins Visier. DER AKTIONÄR E-Paper Gamechanger: Die Aktie des Silberproduzenten First Majestic Silver kann heute in Deutschland rund sieben Prozent zulegen. However, one broker pointed out that Reddit's activists might not be universally in favour of the strategy. One poster wrote on WallStreetBets: Going long on silver, you would be directly.

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  1. A number of Reddit users on the popular r/WallStreetBets forum have said they are planning to launch a coordinated effort to target silver as their next short-squeeze target.. Posts encouraged individuals to use the IShares Silver Trust, the largest silver exchange-traded fund, and carry out what one user called the BIGGEST SHORT SQUEEZE IN THE WORLD
  2. The so-called silver squeeze has caused division on the WallStreetBets Reddit forum, with some users arguing that they should keep targeting GameStop shares because Citadel Securities, the.
  3. Silver has become a new target for Reddit day traders after multiple posts on the infamous WallStreetBets.; One post on the now-famous subreddit called the silver market one of the most.
  4. ***Reddit crowd should know that GOLD AND SILVER STREAMER WHEATON PRECIOUS METALS WPM used to be called SILVER WHEATON and they have contracts for 1,000,000s oz of gold and silver at way below.
  5. Der Reddit-Schwarm von Wallstreetbets attackiert den Silberpreis. 01. Februar 2021. Vielen Dank für die Bewertung dieses Beitrags. In der Natur bieten Schwärme Schutz vor Fressfeinden, weil die schiere Masse der Tiere und ihr schneller Richtungswechsel den Angreifer verwirren

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She warned that the the silver rally could be short-lived with some users in the WallstreetBets Reddit group not on board. She said: The speculative rush is a prosperous, but a dangerous game Reddit's WallStreetBets Community Rocketed Nokia Shares - Is Silver Next? February 1, 2021. Annikka. The investment world has been in an uproar this week about the counterattack on price speculation by large hedge funds, organised by the WallStreetBets community on the popular online discussion forum Reddit. The community managed to. Wallstreetbets' Reddit swarm attacks the silver price Wallstreetbets' Reddit swarm attacks the silver price Details Redaktion English 01. Februar 202

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WallStreetBets: Jetzt stürzen sich die Finanzrebellen auf Silber. Zuerst haben sie Aktien gepumpt, danach die Krypto-Assets XRP und Dogecoin, und jetzt ist das nächste Asset dran: Silber. In der Nacht auf Montag haben die Finanzrebellen rund um das Reddit-Forum #WallStreetbets damit begonnen, Silber in rauen Mengen zuzukaufen Reddit raiders swarm silver stocks as GameStop, BlackBerry retreat. (R) - Shares of silver mining companies were swept up into retail investors' battle with Wall Street on Thursday, with. Silver Price Spikes to $30 as WallStreetBets Pours a Record 1,000 Tonnes into SLV. SILVER PRICES surged Monday morning towards 8-year highs at $30 per ounce after the call-to-arms on Reddit brought record new interest to precious metals, writes Atsuko Whitehouse at BullionVault. But the devil's metal then retreated hard, cutting its opening. Silver prices jumped 11% in early trading Monday, the precious metal's biggest jump in 11 years. r/WallStreetBets subreddit users say they're still focused on GameStop, not commodities The Reddit WallStreetBets group is unleashing the silver price, but this will trigger real panic into gold and silver. Panic Into Gold & Silver February 1 (King World News) - Lawrence Lepard: When Silver takes out ~ $35 and gold ~ $2,100 you are going to see the world's largest examples of Gresham's Law and FOMO. Terrified investors who hold dollar wealth are going to run for the exits.

Need to Know WallStreetBets has silver in its sights, but here's why this speculative rush may be 'short-lived,' says analyst Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 3:15 p.m. E Now, Reddit's r/WallStreetBets community is looking for the next company whose stock is set to explode—and seems to have settled on Blackberry. The company behind the once iconic line of. 2021 - WallStreetBets 1oz .999 Fine Silver BU Round - Blockchain Mint PRESALE. EUR 36,93. Kostenloser Versand Kostenloser Versand Kostenloser Versand. 2021 WALLSTREETbets 1 oz Silver Proof-Like Round In Blisterpack. EUR 48,95. Kostenloser Versand Kostenloser Versand Kostenloser Versand. 1 oz .999 Silver Round Wall Street Silver Squeeze Blockchain Crypto Reddit Doge. EUR 39,51. Kostenloser. Silver surged over 7% to kick-off a fresh week of trade, as Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets intensifies calls for a short-squeeze of epic proportions

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Ivan Bayoukhi, a banned member of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets, stated that members of the subreddit are tired of talking about GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and at least up to 40% of the. Reddit users from the r/WallStreetBets forum last week masterminded a short squeeze on professional investors that were betting against stocks like GameStop ( GME) and AMC ( AMC ), forcing several hedge funds to swallow billions in losses. The action moved to the silver ( SI=F) market on Monday. The events have spiked anxiety among professional. Spot silver was up by more than 6 per cent in early trade. The Reddit forum that spurred retail investors to pile into GameStop shares has set its sights on silver. The ASX 200 is in the red after. Several top posts on the highly popular WallStreetBets sub-Reddit forum have suggested that users not purchase silver, following media reports over the weekend that suggest otherwise. Silver. Silver futures prices and shares of silver miners climbed after a user in Reddit's popular WallStreetBets forum posted about a 'short squeeze' in the volatile precious metal

WSS (Reddit) This page will be devoted to covering news and events related to the Reddit Wall Street Silver group. This group sprang up in late January 2021 after the WallStreetBets group made headlines related to its short squeeze on Gamestop. It appears that the Wall Street Silver group intends to build a growing contingent of new investors. Posts that argued against buying silver at the expense of GameStop swarmed across the 7.9 million-member discussion board as shares of GameStop fell 30.8% to close at $225.00 on Monday. Spot. Many headlines today would have you believe that reddit traders are also trying to inflate the price of silver as part of this broader attempt to wage war against Wall Street and boost shorted stocks A widely recommended post on the WallStreetBets subreddit seems to have kicked off the latest jump in silver prices. According to the Reddit poster, the Silver Bullion Market is one of the most. Silver futures on the Comex jumped as much as 13% on Monday. That pushed prices above $30 an ounce to the highest level since 2013, but the gains are so far tiny relative to GameStop's 16-fold.

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Silver stocks such as First Majestic Silver Corp (NYSE: AG) are shining amid speculation that the Reddit-fueled frenzy will extend to the precious metal and companies associated with it.. What. Wallstreetbets: Gamestop-Rallye stürzt Aktien-Insider in ein Dilemma. Gamestop sucht fieberhaft nach Strategien, mit der Kurs-Rallye umzugehen. (Foto: Shutterstock) Hinweis: Wir haben in diesem. Citadel Increases Silver Investments to Over $1 Billion. When it comes to silver, according to Bloomberg, Citadel Advisors LLC had around 6 million iShares Silver Trust on September 30, accounting for a 0.93% stake, equaling around $480,669. Now the hedge fund owns about $816,990 in SLV, and has stake in 17 other silver stocks including the Pan. 2021 WALLSTREETbets 1 oz .999 Silver Proof-Like Round In Blisterpack. Very limited mintage of only 10,000 for worldwide distribution! Each proof-like silver round is laser-etched with its own unique serial number, and securely sealed in an attractive blisterpack. Produced by Blockchain Mint of Singapore _____ I ship same or next business day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please check out.

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  1. Will The WallStreetBets Crowd Come After Silver Again? Share. Flip. Like. TheStreet - David Dierking • 1h. In the last meme stock run up, the precious metal became a Reddit trader crowd target after GameStop and AMC. The Reddit army is back in full . Read more on thestreet.com
  2. The price of silver skyrocketed on Monday as users of Reddit forum WallStreetBets piled into the precious metal and proclaimed it the next front in their war against Walls Street's old guard
  3. Yesterday MarketWatch reported that Silver futures rallied Thursday to mark their highest finish in three weeks, following a post by a Reddit user, who suggested executing a short squeeze on silver. Any short squeeze in silver paper shorts would be EPIC, a post on the popular WallStreetBets forum said
  4. Meanwhile Reddit wallstreetbets continues to run and create waves of speculative trading via the hype from its message board. Silver saw a major wave of speculation in January 2021, shooting past $30 an ounce and media coverage claimed it was the newest coordinated attack from retail traders via groups like Reddit wallstreetbets , but silver abruptly lost value and was quickly back at $27 an.
  5. WallStreetBets forum members argue that silver is a heavily manipulated market, and a surge in the silver price could hurt large Wall Street players, the broadcaster adds. Reddit user.
  6. EDUCATE yourselves!!!!! from r/wallstreetbets. Reviewing reddit.com's front page shows the top trending posts from the Wall Street Bets readers holding on AMC or buying into GME, but nothing in support of buying silver — in fact, quite the opposite. DON'T BUY SILVER, IT'S A TRAP is a post upvoted more than 78,000 times. The subreddit r/wallstreetbets increased membership.
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  1. People on WallStreetBets set their sights on silver and the iShares Silver Trust ETF last week, with some suggesting it could be a way to hurt big banks they believe are artificially suppressing prices. SLV will destroy the biggest banks, not just some little hedge funds, one WallStreetBets user wrote
  2. Had Reddit's wallstreetbets horde already moved on? Had they even ever been buying in force? Though fascinating, I probably still wouldn't have chosen this topic for this week's essay at that point. A 12.8% several-day surge isn't much by silver's volatile standards. And the WSB moderators seemed to be shutting down discussions on silver. One side said they were trying to keep the.
  3. Silver's Reddit surge has been extraordinary. Silver prices shot higher on mere rumors the wallstreetbets' crowd would target a silver short squeeze
  4. Silver prices have rocketed to their highest since 2013 as retail investors, egged on by messages on Reddit, pile into the market in an attempt to push up prices, although most analysts and.

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For silver though, the rally could be short-lived as some leading members of Reddit wallstreetbets platform are already divided over the question, and advise against the move in silver Silver has become a new target for Reddit day traders after multiple posts on the infamous WallStreetBets. One post on the now-famous subreddit called the silver market one of the most.

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Silver Short Squeeze by Reddit WallstreetBets Explained The gold and silver markets have been tamed for decades. You have to realize that literally every other commodities has a futures market where the price of underlying stock DERIVES value of the futures market. But not on gold and silver, no sir. They made sure that those two have their physical value derived from futures price. So, the. wallstreetbets silver reddit; wallstreetbets silver reddit. But his favorite Reddit forum, WallStreetBets, was increasingly obsessed with it, casting it as a way to crush billionaires, move the market and profit heavily in the process. A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Dips to these levels would likely coincide with a more bullish tilt for sentiment, and it's. The idea of buying silver in unison was mentioned in the popular Reddit forum WallStreetBets last week, then quickly spread to other corners of the internet, even as many Reddit users said they.

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With a $0.79 share price, it is one of the most talked-about stocks in the Reddit wallstreetbets forum. Shares of SNDL have gained 204.9% over the past six months, and 66.8% year-to-date. SNDL's zero debt obligations and expanding market presence in the United States are impressive. However, the company's financials and growth estimates indicate a bleak outlook. It has yet to turn a profit. Here Is How To Understand What WallStreetBets Really Did To Silver And The IShares Silver Trust ETF (NYSE: SLV) - Mike Swanson (02/02/2021) Posted on February 2, 2021 by Michael Swanson | We are in a fascinating moment in the markets in which the story of the WallStreetBets Reddit message board and their promotion of Gamestop (NYSE: GME) has captivated millions of people. It dominated the. Silver futures surged as much as 13% to Monday, touching eight-year highs. That follows a 6% rally last week when some posts on the WallStreetBets group on Reddit called for betting on silver as a. Silver exchange-traded products (ETPs) surged to an eight-year high on Monday after Reddit forum WallStreetBets called on its army of followers to pile into the precious metal in an effort to corner the market and short squeeze some of Wall Street's largest banks. The world's largest silver ETF, iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV), has been the.

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Silver futures jumped almost 12% on Monday to over $30 per ounce following strong gains over the weekend. That exuberance spread to companies that mine precious metals, especially silver Several major dealers of silver, gold, and other precious metals say they're encountering shortages of silver, in particular, after some Reddit users in the popular forum WallStreetBets called. Denizens of the Reddit message board are just the latest to find in pro-silver sentiment a way to strike a blow against Wall Street financiers and big banks

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  1. Here's What Reddit's WallStreetBets Got Wrong on Silver, Explains Jeff Christian. Download. Listen on the go. Feb 2 - CPM Group's Jeff Christian, one of the most accurate precious metals strategists, explains why an attempted 'short squeeze' by Reddit's WallStreetBets on silver didn't work or wouldn't be nearly as effective compared to..
  2. View Story. They argue that squeezing silver, which unlike GameStop has a market cap in the trillions instead of billions, is impossible, and that the company is trying to trick Reddit users into.
  3. Silver Reddit Wallstreetbets Short Squeeze GAMESTOP There's a short squeeze going on in silver. The 'hoodies' are all rolling into silver, and the party is on, Phil Streible, chief market strategist at Blue Line Futures, told Bloomberg. All those other stocks like GameStop and AMC, they're dumping because they've been restricted, and they gotta go into other short.

WallStreetBets initiate silver's biggest jump since 2013. Silver prices rallied at record levels in Monday's trading session, fueled by a wave of fresh enthusiasm from WallStreetBets traders. Silver futures gained as much as 8% shortly after the futures market opened on Monday, marking the biggest rise in the futures since at least 2013 Japanese and Australian silver ETFs surge on WallStreetBets. Silver ETFs are powering towards all-time highs, thanks to WallStreetBets. Silver ETFs trading in Japan and Australia opened 10% higher, as they became the latest target of the runaway Reddit forum. In Japan, the Mitsubishi Japan Physical Silver ETF (1524) opened 9% higher Silver investors aren't on the same wild ride of shareholders in Reddit favourites, such as GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC), BlackBerry (BB.TO), but they likely won't enjoy the same huge returns on their investment either. Following a massive short squeeze, GameStop shares rocketed as much as 1,600 per cent over a two week span at the end of January that burned short-selling hedge funds for. Now, a loud minority of its user base has been credited with pushing prices of silver to an eight-year high. On the contrary, WSB is actually against creating a silver squeeze because many big hedge funds have long positions on it—not short ones. Reviews. There are now 7.5 million people subscribed to the WallStreetBets Reddit forum. JP Morgan is clearly the next target of the group after.

health (support- familywize) thank you to our united way supporters, sponsors and partners; campaig Ozkardeskaya said for silver, the rally could be short-lived as some leading members of Reddit WallStreetBets platform are already divided over the question, and advise against the move in silver. Citadel's Silver Bet Exposes Rifts in the WallStreetBets Army. (Bloomberg) -- Ken Griffin's Citadel has once again found itself at the center of a WallStreetBets drama, this time over the firm. Details about 2021 WallStreetBets Mini-Trump Blockchain Mint Reddit 1oz .999 Silver Round See original listing. 2021 WallStreetBets Mini-Trump Blockchain Mint Reddit 1oz .999 Silver Round Condition:--not specified. Ended: Apr 25, 2021. Winning bid: US $36.00 [ 7 bids] Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Item location: Vancouver, Washington, United States. Seller.

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  1. Nachricht: Wallstreetbets' Reddit swarm attacks the silver price - 01.02.21 - New
  2. This whimsical silver round pays tribute to a moment in time when members of the social media community Reddit began a movement based on the motto of Buy High, Sell Higher. The Rogues of Wall Street. Struck in a full troy ounce of highly pure 99.9% fine silver, this silver round was produced to commemorate r/wallstreetbets, a trade discussion community on Reddit that was founded by Jamie.
  3. In the last meme stock run up, the precious metal became a Reddit trader crowd target after GameStop and AMC. The Reddit army is back in full Read more on thestreet.com. Wallstreetbets; Finance; Investing; Silver (Commodity) Meme Stoc
  4. Impressive WallStreetBets design! Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition. Obverse features the WallStreetBets character with the group logo. Reverse depicts a rocket ship with various stock symbols. Each 1 oz Wall Street Bets Silver Round is available to you for purchase as a brand-new specimen from the Blockchain Mint. The.
  5. The whimsical silver round pays tribute to a moment in time when members of the social media community Reddit began a movement based on the motto of Buy High, Sell Higher. The Rogues of Wall Street Struck in a full troy ounce of highly pure 99.9% fine silver, this silver round was produced to commemorate r/wallstreetbets, a trade discussion community on Reddit that was founded by Jamie.
  6. If you haven't heard about the short squeeze plays which began on Reddit's WallStreetBets forum you are probably living under a rock. Over the last few days, posts that came from this forum created an army of independent traders collectively working together. More importantly, this legion of traders has their sites upon large hedge funds and institutional traders who have been shorting.
Silver Squeeze Goes Viral, Ounce of Ag Jumps Above $30

The Reddit WallStreetBets case for silver at $75 per oz

Was ist WallStreetbets ? Bei WallStreetBets (WSB) handelt es sich um eine US-Reddit-Gruppe/ Subreddit, welche in den vergangenen Wochen eine immer größere Bedeutung an den internationalen Finanzmärkten erlangt hat. Durch die immer größere Gemeinschaft und deren gezielten Aktionen konnten so beispielsweise mehrere Leerverkäufer am Markt in Bedrängnis gebracht werden The Reddit group, WallStreetBets showcased what can be achieved when people join together by adopting 3,500 gorillas in just six days - by Chaz Pond...

Are Reddit Users Dumping GameStop Stock and Picking upSilver Squeeze: Move over GameStopReddit Stonks: Netizens Troll Securities Industry WithThe Unlikely Stocks Soaring After Reddit’s Gamestop Run
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