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AMA : casualiama. I'm 3. I know everything. AMA. I'm his dad and will ask him any questions you send so long as they are appropriate. Edit: Wow..I didn't expect this to be this popular. I expected maybe 20 or so questions lol. He should be able to get to them all but it may take a little time. Just got home from work and he's in time-out Ask me almost anything. : casualiama. Former Burglar. Ask me almost anything. Obviously no proof that can be shown without incriminating me. I retired four year ago and now I have an actual job. I can give you some tips to protect you from burglars, or at least smart ones, like I was. No, I was never caught. It's easy to not be caught Reddit - casualiama - I am among the last few hundred native speakers of Focurc, a endangered language from Scotland For anyone who comes across this that doesn't have a Reddit account, you can reach me at plzsendhalp@outlook.com. You're never alone and I'm happy to listen. Stay strong. If you're having thoughts of suicide, are in a crisis, or just want to talk, the national suicide prevention lifeline is open 24/7. There's also a chat option on the website if you would prefer that to a phone call. www.

Former Burglar. Ask me almost anything. : casualiama - reddi

Find more subreddits like r/JudgeMyAccent -- Upload a sound file of you talking in a language you're learning and post it in this subreddit. Native speakers of this particular language will tell you how to improve your accent Find more subreddits like r/ExmoLife -- Leaving the mormon church means a chance whole new set of values. A new set of introspection, life altering experience. It means new dating situations as well as perhaps therapy bills and divorce courts. It means a whole host of things that matter in day-to-day living. This subreddit is about getting on with life Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Continue browsing in r/casualiama. r/casualiama. The casual version of /r/IAmA. Anyone's welcome to host or participate in an AMA. Topics may involve anything from ordinary to extraordinary subject matter. The environment is relaxed, we just ask that you have fun! 452k . Members. 501. Online. Created Oct 4, 2011. Join. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. about careers.

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r/casualiama Rules. 1. If you post an AMA, stay and answer the questions! 2. Personal Attacks. 3. Revealing/Distributing Personal Information. 4. Encourages or Enables Illegal Activity. 5. Vote Manipulation. 6. Advertising. 7. Crowdfunding. 8. Being a Nuisance. Moderators. This subreddit is unmoderated. Visit r/redditrequest to request it. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit. r/casualiama: The casual version of /r/IAmA. Anyone's welcome to host or participate in an AMA. Topics may involve anything from ordinary to extraordinary subject matter. The environment is relaxed, we just ask that you have fun Although Jewish online dating services are man towards marriage, the men seem to jewish no actual interest in the women whatsoever. For these men, it is all going through the motions, no jewish or charm not even respecting the women. Jewish never call many email and pick you up for a date when they jewish, they seem to enjoy letting a woman wait for them and make a fool of them

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Straight men of Reddit, how straight are you really on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the straightest? bynerdcorner. inAskMen. cruzin_n_radioactive. 2 points. 3 days ago. cruzin_n_radioactive. 2 points. 3 days ago . Oh, hell yes. context full comments (6216) I may sound over dramatic but why can't I control my eating habits I seem to have 0 control and every time I get control it doesn't.

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